Childrens drawings

The most primitive ancient drawings of the face is also representative of the earliest drawings of children. Two dashes for eyes and a curve for the smiling mouth surrounded by a circle for the face as above in fig i, ii, iii, iv). Psychiatrists have confirmed the importance of the mother's smile and its effect upon a very young child.

This child's drawing has some fascinating features, which are of relevance to dental aesthetics. It indicates the important aesthetic landmarks which are represented by the ends of these apparently casual dashes. (The dash representing the eye is terminated laterally by the outer canthus of the eye. Medially it is the lateral aspect of the inner canthus or the end of the visible white eyeball.) The distance between the two eyes is the distance between the 'EYE WHITES'.

They are beautifully interrelated in the Golden Proportion as shown in the photo of eyes above. This can be seen as a diagram in figure iii, where AB:BC in the Golden Proportion.